Our Story

From the valley to the peak.

MU’s roots as a US-based university have fundamentally shaped and crafted its history and breakthrough evolution. 

We are like an Eagle which begins its journey on the ground at the valley lacking full strength and gradually gains power till it reaches peaks.

It is natural for everyone everywhere to have peaks and valleys at work and in life.

Its beginnings as an initiative and business school teaching short-term courses and diplomas to an extended site of a primarily teaching university focused and specialized in the area of economics, business and management afforded it the opportunity and chance to establish a strong tradition and reputation in teaching excellence, one that brought in expert professors and eminent lecturers from among the best industry has to offer, individuals and entrepreneurs who taught students the latest in standards and practices.

We were a team of 5 to 7 members and now we are a big family that includes 100-plus success partners.

We reached the MENA area and built a market there as well as administration and representation offices

Our students from the Gulf area exceeded 15,000 at the end of August 2022.

MU’s Humble Beginnings: 2012-2017
MU is one of the longest-operating private universities in the US with roots related to our local schools in various developed countries. We launched many projects to educate people and teach them principles of self-development and managerial skills. Our project was about enhancing direct selling skills as well as soft and interpersonal skills. We helped hundreds to be financially free through our financial independence and income escalation seminars and workshops. MU became one of the first universities in the country to offer foreign European degrees and programs entirely in English and Arabic. We are among the first universities to offer an accredited MBA degree and other executive educational programs 100% online via live and interactive sessions, especially during covid-19. MU and its local representative in Africa introduced many European degrees from Italy, Denmark and Switzerland, Malaysia in collaboration with the MGW group and the Egyptian Cultural Center. By the time the university introduced its new MBA program and got more accreditations, the university had to move to a new location in New Castle to build another market thereafter finally being incorporated and regulated by Delaware State.
The Rise: Our Journey to Becoming a Private University
The university introduced many programs in collaboration with IFTDO, CPD, AAA, ANSI, IEBOARD, QAHE, and EAHEA MU learned a lot from these accredited partners and they were MU’s stepping stone. By the end of 2021, MU was attracting students from all over Arabic countries, Middle Eastern countries, Central Asia, and Delaware state. We help individuals eager to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees professionally accredited both in western and eastern countries.
Where we are today
10years from its humble beginnings is an integral part of the US independent and private higher education landscape. MU is well known for its rigorous teaching and academic excellence and integrity as well as our intensive student support endeavors. The wise things you do in today’s bad times create tomorrow’s good times. We encourage you to think wisely and study with MU and create a brighter future


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