Message from the President of MU

An entrepreneur you dreamed to be

I and my colleagues on the Board are aware of our responsibilities and obligations as members of the Board and are committed to doing everything in the best interests of the University. Many challenges lie ahead as the Board is still adapting in many ways to the challenges of directing our power for higher education quality process of moving from an idea to a fully established university. Nevertheless, I believe that if we all work together transparently and collaboratively, characterized by mutual respect and ongoing dialogue, we can succeed and achieve the goal of a true transition.

It has been an honor to lead the MU Board at this historic time and I look forward to seeing where we go next. With the support of all members of the MU family, nothing is unattainable as we strive to serve our students and the global community. It was founded on the idea that it should apply to the labor market of ‘life’. However, the main goal of the university’s founders and management was to build an academic institution that could compete with the world’s leading universities at the national and global levels. MU continues its unstoppable journey and our commitment to excellence is constantly expanding with new quality assurance policies, the launch of international accreditation efforts, and the expansion into new areas of research. Double degrees from renowned English, Croatian and Swiss universities are a testament to the quality education offered on campus. As we celebrate the great progress that has made MU affordable and accessible to students and their families, we look forward to the future of our faculty, an extraordinary collection of educators and innovators. As a university, MU is committed to knowledge discovery and transmission.

MU as a new university will inspiremotivate and empower students around the world to produce highly qualified, caring, professional, and trained educators, qualified professionals, and entrepreneurs. , scientists, and business and political leaders in the public and private sectors. encourages active participation in an education that challenges critical thinking, provides career preparation, instills values, and stimulates lifelong learning. students can broaden their horizons with both face-to-face and e-learning courses. Higher education opportunities should be available to all who seek them, and we will continue to address the ongoing challenges that higher education poses. Students seeking a quality education with a worldview will find a home at MU. Currently, many people are wishing to study at MU and various international and local communities have expressed their desire to work with us. I believe that God will help us achieve our dreams if we stick to the principles of the Foundation and dedicate ourselves to achieving our goals. In this respect, we recognize the rich blessings that God has bestowed on our college. Her students at MU look forward to stimulating, productive, and rewarding learning experiences that enable them to develop lifelong learning and responsible global citizenship. As you begin the next step in your life’s journey, you will find that our entire university is there to support your academic, social, and personal growth. We wish our students a fulfilling journey toward their academic future. We invite you to participate as a prospective student, parent, or friend.


President of MU


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