Why Mckinsey


Years of history and education

1- McKinsey University is a US-based university; the USA is ranked as the world’s best education system in higher education according to QS higher education system strength.

2- Regulated by Delaware State so that all certifications could be authenticated, notarized, and legalized by local US authorities.

3- Dual degree pathways so students can obtain multiple degrees and awards from top-ranked and accredited academies and universities all over the globe.

4- Well established university, with memberships in respected independent regulatory bodies like ANSI, IFTDO, and CPD.

5- McKinsey University is a triple-accredited university from EAHEA, QAHE, and IEBoard.

6- Executive qualifications including MBA and DBA.

7- Advanced learning management system LMS includes an academic library with more than 1000 training hours in many managerial disciplines and hundreds of textbooks and dissertations.

8- Ph.D. holders and experienced tutors leading our faculty.

9- Faculty to student ratio is 1:25 which guarantees a good opportunity for interactive classes.

10- Free personal assistance during the duration of study by our valued academic advisors and account managers.


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