A Journey Towards Perfection

The University began as an initiative in a developed country in 2012-2013 to teach youth and communities the art of management and positive life.

The university promoted the philosophy of a knowledgeable lifestyle and the pleasure of knowledge-based success.

During the last decade, the university trained more than 25,000 trainees, researchers, and 50 companies.

Our colors at McKinsey University are:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White

We only accept the culture of thriving, winning, creativity, achievement and growth and this was reflected in our choice of the colors of the University, which tend towards Blue and Yellow as well as White.

Blue :

The Color of our mother earth, water and life.

Water which is the most important and prominent element in the story and scene of the genesis of life.

Knowledge has made every corporation and every country successful like water that gave earth life.


All our practices and policies are based on science, truth, transparency, evidence-based studies, and proof.
The following evidence is wherever it leads.
And from our white, which includes all colors, so we serve, embrace, and empower everyone without distinction.


Positivism is linked to this color that Dr. Edward De Bono called it the color of positivity and solutions-focused mentality (Yellow hat of positive thinking).




Programs and majors


years of history

Our Purpose

  • We promote global peace through education and scientific thinking that opposes biases and different kinds of racism.
  • The university focuses on creating educational opportunities for people and distinctive developmental experiences.
  • We create a culture where everyone can thrive, grow and feel connected during studying.
  • We focus on creating a vibrant community of knowledge seekers.
  • We support an educational community that endorse diversity, social harmony and continuous improvement.
  • We create fairer and more profitable internship and affordable educational opportunities for life learners whom would face negative consequences in life without these chances.
  • We appreciate peoples’ dreams, aspiration and for that reason we brought contemporary management and sustainable development principles into practice.
  • We consider ourselves a green and compassionate university that respects our planet earth so that we endorse e-learning and paper less classes.

Founder of McKinsey University

Top notch academicians, educationists, entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders and philanthropists met in 2012 to develop real applied qualifications and courses to serve the business arena and social field.

After analyzing the market trends, demands and problems, they created and incorporated the university to solve this problem by providing high quality trainings and life transforming teaching pedagogy.


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